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January 4, 2013
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Chapter 1

Alfred held his mother's hand tighter as he walked into Hetalia Academy Elementary. He looked up at his mother. “Mommy... I'm scared... I liked my last school more...”

His mother rubbed his hand. “It's okay darling. You'll be fine. I'm sure there's lots of nice kids here.”

Alfred squeezed his mom's hand tighter as she opened the door to his second grade classroom. There were kids everywhere. He hid behind his mother's back as the teacher came up to her.

“Hello!” The teacher smiled brightly. “I'm Mr. Vargas.” He held out his hand out to Alfred mother and she shook it. He knelled next to her. “You must be Alfred. I've heard you're very smart.”

Alfred nodded and hid his face in his mother's dress. His mother looked at Mr. Vargas. “I'm sorry. He's kinda shy and nervous about the new school.”

He shook his head. “Naw it's okay.” He reached out a hand to Alfred. “Hey... You wanna go meet your new class mates they're all nice.”

Alfred looked at the man then up at his mom. “Go on.” She said. “I'll wait right here, okay?”

He nodded and took the mans hand and followed him over to a table where a little brown haired boy and a blond boy were sitting. “This is Feliciano, my grandson, and Ludwig.”

Feliciano looked over at Alfred smiling brightly. “Hi!” He got up from his chair and hugged Alfred tightly. He then turned to Ludwig and grabbed his hand, which made the blond blush, and pulled him over.

“H-hi I'm Ludwig.” He said in a strong German accent.

“I-I'm Alfred.” He said a bit nervously but smiled at the pair. He looked over to where Mr. Vargas had been and his face drained a bit when he wasn't there. He felt a poke on his shoulder. It was Mr. Vargas. He was holding the hand of another little brown haired boy.

“Alfred this is my other grandson Lovino.” Lovino didn't look at Alfred, he scowled and held onto his grandfathers hand. “Sorry about him, he doesn't like to talk very much.”

Alfred shrugged and looked over his teachers shoulder and saw a tent like thing over in the corner. Mr. Vargas saw he was looking elsewhere and turned. He saw the tent. “You wanna go over there.”

Alfred nodded eagerly and left Mr. Vargas and the others. Lovino pulled his Grandpa's sleeve and looked over at Feliciano. “Arthur.” They said in unison.

He nodded. “I know... Maybe they'll be friends?”

Alfred reached the tent and got on his hands and knees and crawled in. He looked around for a moment  before he spotted another little boy. He crawled over to the other and saw he was reading. It was a story about faeries, unicorns, and other mystical creatures. The boy touched the page, “I love you guys...”

“Are you talking to the book?” Alfred inquired. Arthur turned to him and frowned.

“Go away... you wouldn't understand...”

He puffed out his cheeks. “I don't want to go away...”

Arthur looked at Alfred confused. “B-but no one ever wants to play with me...”

He looked at Arthur sadly. “I'll play with you if you want.”

“Really?” He looked at Alfred hopefully.

“Mmhmm!” He smiled brightly. “I'm Alfred.”

“Arthur... Are you really gonna play with me?”

“Of course I will~!”

He smiled. “I've never had anyone to play with, other than Uni and the faeries...”

Alfred scotched closer to the British boy. “Will you read to me?”

He looked over at Alfred. “Can't you read?”

Alfred blushed slightly and nodded. “Yeah but your accent is awesome!!”

Arthur smiled, “okay.” He picked up one of the many books he had with him and started to read.

They took turns reading, they read for hours until Mr. Vargas came in and saw them sleeping next to each other. Their teacher poked them both. “Alfred, Arthur. School is over for the day... it's time to go home.”

Alfred sat up and yawned and pulled Arthur's sleeve lightly, waking the young Brit who sat up as well and yawned.

Alfred pulled Arthur up and out of the tent and walked to the door. “Bye Mr. Vargas, Feliciano, Lovino!” He waved before opening the door and following Arthur out of the school. When they reached the court yard of the school Alfred spotted his mom and waved to her. “Arthur? Do you have someone to pick you up?”

Arthur shook his head.

“Do you want me and my mommy to walk you home.”

Arthur shook his head again. “If my family see me with someone...” Tears formed in his eyes and he ran past Alfred's mom, out of the school's gates, and down the street.

Alfred looked at his mom worried then back to where Arthur had run off to.

'Arthur hasn't been to school' Alfred said to himself as he came to his class room, Arthur was leaning on a table, he looked like he was in a lot of pain, he walked up to the other. “A-arthur?”

Arthur looked at him and hugged him tightly and cried into his shoulder.

Alfred hugged him back and put a hand to the back of Arthur's head. “Arthur... shhh... it's okay.” He looked at Mr. Vargas worried and slowly started to pull Arthur over to the tent.

“T-they hurt me again.” He cried out.

He looked down. “Who did?”

He sniffled. “M-my dad and my brothers...”


Arthur pointed to his arms and chest, that were both covered with a shirt.

Alfred grabbed the hem of Arthur's shirt and pulled it up over Arthur's head, revealing bruises, scars, and burn marks. He gasped. “Arthur, you need to tell Mr. Vargas about this.” He said sternly.

“B-but what if... if nothing happens? They'll just keep hurting me!!”

“I won't let them hurt you any more!”

He looked into Alfred eyes. “R-really?”

He shook his head. He handed Arthur his shirt and pulled him out of the tent. “Hey Mr. Vargas! Will you come here!”

Their teacher walked over. “What's wrong, Alfred?”

“A-arthur and I need to talk to you. But not here...”

Mr. Vargas nodded and led Arthur and Alfred into an empty classroom. Alfred pulled Arthur forward and pulled up his shirt, exposing the marks on his skin.

The teacher leaned down and looked at the bruises. There was a huge one on his ribs, Mr. Vargas touched it lightly and Arthur cried out loudly. “Arthur? Who did this to you?”

Arthur sniffled out of pain. “M-my family...”

The teacher nodded. “Alfred could you please take Arthur to the nurse?”

He nodded and pulled the Brit out of the classroom and down to the nurses office.

The nurse, Ms. Kirkland,* turned to the boys. “Hello. What seems to be the problem?”

“We were told to come here by Mr. Vargas.” Alfred said.

“And why would that be?” She asked.

“Arthur's hurt...”

She beckon Arthur forward, and looked at him for a moment. “He doesn't seem hurt to me...”

Arthur pulled off his shirt for the second time that day.

“Oh my goodness...” She said. “Did your family do this to you?”

Arthur nodded.

She pressed the bruise on his rib, making Arthur cry out again. “Some of your ribs are bruised or broken... I'm gonna have to call the principal about this, is that okay?”

He nodded again.

Ms. Kirkland picked up the phone. “Hello, Mr. Beilschmidt, will you please come to the clinic please, we have a kid who's been a-b-u-s-e-d.” Spelled out.

Less than a minute later a man with long blond hair burst into the clinic. “Where's the kid.”

She pointed to Arthur, who was now sitting on one of the beds next to Alfred. “Hello. I'm gonna need you to come with me young man.” He looked at Alfred. “You may go back to class.”


Mr. Beilschmidt looked at him surprised.

“I'm staying with Arthur! I promised him I'd protect him!” He stood next to Arthur and promptly took his hand.

Mr. Beilschmidt shrugged. “Come along then.” He lead the boys to the office and picked up the phone. “Hello Social Services? I have a boy here who's been abused.”

“We will have you talk to one of our agents. Mr. Jones.”

He got transferred, “Hello, Mr. Jones.”

Alfred looked away from Arthur who he had been comforting. “Dad!” He held out his hand to the principal. “Give me the phone.” He demanded.

Mr. Beilschmidt gave the boy the phone. “Daddy!”

“Alfred?” His dad asked on the other line.

“Dad my friend has been hurt by his family, he needs help.”

“Alfred.” His dad said on the other end. “Will you give the phone back to your principal please?”

He puffed out his cheeks. “Fine!” He handed the phone back to Mr. Beilschmidt who then talked to his dad for thirty minutes!

The principal hung up. “Alfred. Your dad wants you to bring Arthur with you home so he can look at him, okay?”

Alfred nodded and stood. “Arthur do you want to come over to my house?”

Arthur, who hadn't been listening, looked at Alfred and nodded before he collapsed out of pain and fell on top of Alfred. Mr. Beilschmidt stood up and helped Alfred up and carried Arthur out side to where Alfred's mom was waiting.

She took Arthur in her in one arm and held her other out for Alfred to hold. They walked home like that and when they entered the house his mom laid Arthur on his bed. “Will you stay here with him?”

Alfred nodded eagerly. When his mom left the room he took Arthur's hand in his own. “It will be okay Arthur. I won't let them hurt you anymore.”

Arthur woke up and smiled at Alfred, he lifted up his hand and rubbed Alfred's head lightly.

Hello dears! New fanfiction? Yes :) I'm sooo sorry it's sad, I almost started to cry whilst writing it... Oh what should I call it?

*Ms. Kirkland- If you haven't figured it out yet, it's Arthur's new moma!!!!!!!! Oh foreshadowing...

Chapter 2: [link]

I do not own the characters but I do own the plot
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